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Marine Benefits



Welcome to Marine Benefits, a company providing peace of mind for ship owners, seafarers and their families.

Seafarers are the backbone of international shipping and deserve no less protection than the rest of us. With this in mind Marine Benefits was established 2006 with the sole purpose of developing truly global insurance solutions for international seafarers and their related families. Today, 8 years later, we pride ourselves as being the shipping industry’s leading specialist in providing these insurance benefits.

To provide seafarers  and their dependants with social  benefits such as medical-, disability- and life insurance has proven to be of significant positive effects. Not just by providing peace of mind for the seafarers and their families but for the ship owners as well. As an integrated and important part of Corporate Social Responsibility these benefits strengthen the relationship between the employer and employee, reduce turnover and thus increase safety at sea. The demand for this type of insured benefits will escalade further as a result of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 coming into force.  Marine Benefits is ready to meet these challenges with innovative products and outstanding support.

Our processes are compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

A lot has been said over the years regarding the importance of having a stable, well trained, happy and competent workforce onboard in order to reduce risk of accidents at sea. To provide decent insurance benefit packages for seafarers and their families is one important element in this respect. I am proud we can deliver the necessary tools through our company Marine Benefits.

John Wiik, CEO, Norwegian Hull Club