25th of MAY 2018 – A day of celebration

The 25th of May is day of great achievements and changes throughout history. It was on the 25th of May in 587 BC the Roman King Servius Tullius celebrated his great triumph over the Etruscans which was the beginning of the reforms to extend the voting rights to the commoners in Rome.

In 1887 the United States Constitutional Convention formally convened in Philadelphia, the beginning of the end of slavery and the start of individual freedom as a human right. In 1962 the Apollo program was launched taking a giant leap for mankind, and of course last but not least Star Wars was released in theaters the 25th of May in 1977 allowing the force to be with us all.

The 25th of May 2018 is the day when individuals are given the force and right to their own data, this time by law. The General data Protection Regulation comes into force and protects your privacy rights with an extraterritorial reach. You are now by law the rightful owner of your personal and sensitive data. No one can use or obtain your data without your specific and active consent. The Cambridge Analytics scandal is the best example of why this law should be celebrated and embraced and that the world is moving forward. In addition, a level playing field amongst service providers is established and you should now expect that all players take your data privacy serious.

It is and has been the mission and for Marine Benefits for more than a decade to protect our clients, our seafarers, our members – their health, their lifestyle and their data in a sustainable and compliant manner. This has been achieved with the latest technology, secure communication platforms and a global reach with local expertise.

In order for us to continue to serve all of our friends and clients, members and partners we therefore need you to embrace our enhanced security measures by giving us your consent. This will enable us to continue our services globally in accordance with the high standard of privacy that you would expect from Marine Benefits.

Please therefore see our updated Data Protection Declaration, understand your rights and allow us to support you in the best possible way also in the future.

Let us make 25th of May 2018 to a day of celebration, continue to support each other and set a new standard for other to follow together.

We look forward to serving you all in the future.

Best Regards,

Chief Executive Office
Marine Benefits