Ten years of success with Marine Benefits

Marine Benefits, a subsidiary of Norwegian Hull Club and the leading global marine health insurer, celebrated its 10-year anniversary on 1st November.

Marine Benefits has become a trusted verified partner for many of the leading ship owners and managers around the world and now provides medical insurance for close to 100,000 seafarers and family members in 75 countries.

Initially designed as a retention tool under their loss prevention umbrella, Norwegian Hull Club’s has increasingly found Marine Benefits to be relevant for its clients due to the Maritime Labour Convention, increasing salaries and health deterioration amongst seafarers. This realisation has spurred a growth in interest for the company’s products, as ship owners and operators look to save costs through managing their investments in crew in tough market conditions.

Norwegian Hull Club’s Chief Executive Officer, Hans Christian Seim, said; “We are pleased to see that once again Norwegian Hull Club has proven its relevance with a new venture addressing the expanding needs of our members and clients through flexible and innovative insurance solutions. The competence derived from our loss prevention initiative is in accordance with our mission to secure lives and health at sea, and now also at home.”

Casper Meland, Chief Executive Officer of Marine Benefits added: “By focusing on effective cost management, compliance and service, we have significantly impacted on our clients’ businesses, and improved the standard of living for employees and their families. Our clients rely on us to provide a consistent and stable service year on year, particularly when providing a product which is increasingly becoming standard within employees’ packages. Despite the average annual medical inflation being in excess of 9%, we have been able to maintain a predictable cost base.

We are delighted to be celebrating ten years of supporting our clients with Marine Benefits. With long-term clients such as MSC Shipmanagement Limited and Maersk Line, our truly global reach and relevance has been proven over many years. We have enjoyed significant growth and we look forward to continuing to support ship owners, seafarers and their families in the future.”

Chief Operating Officer, Eli Vassenden of Grieg Shipping, said: “We are very pleased with the services from Marine Benefits for almost ten consecutive years enabling us to support our seafarers and their families in a unique way. We extend our congratulations to Marine Benefits on their anniversary.”

Over the past decade, Marine Benefits has built a strong and loyal client base, achieving significant growth in addition to successfully renewing and retaining existing clients. The Marine Benefits team communicates daily in 27 languages, and counts 50,000 medical facilities and 500,000 doctors within their marine health specialty network.